• Forsythe by Thierry Guiderdoni “One flat thing reproduced” Bologna / Workshop
  • Kahlow Dance Production, Oftringen/ Dance Instructor
  • Sigfredo Gonzáles Gastélum Multidisciplinary Artist, Mexico/ Project photography
  • Beaver Dam Company, Edouard Hue / Workshop
  • Collaboration with Claudia Baena “ Collective body”, Zürich/ Video – Workshop
  • Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes, Shared Levitation, Freiburg/ Workshop
  • Maja Juzwiak, Zürich /Project photography


  • Collaboration Ballett Tanz studio Linder, Zürich/ Video dance
  • Collaboration Project with Kimberlie Lippe“Die Washmachine“ Zürich / Video dance
  • La cápsula and Expo Transkultur“Why we dance”/ Dance Performance
  • Lena Boss“Latent Ambiguity“ Basel/ Performance
  • Tanz Studio Linder, Zofingen/ Ballet and Modern contemporary teacher
  • Move in Arts, Liestal Choreographer/ Jazz Master class and ballet teacher 

            Uni Sport, Basel / Jazz teacher


  • Pina Baush Tanztheater Ophelia Young, Wuppertal/ Workshop
  • Rosalba Torres Guerrero, The Rosas Company/ Workshop
  • Guido Sarli  “Maybe wrong” / Production choreographic
  • Amos Ben Tal OFF Projects, Lyon/ Workshop 
  • Gaga Intensive, Barcelona / Workshop
  • Dance Company Gervasi, Austria/ Workshop
  • Stagecoach Germany Theater Art Schools, Frankfurt/ Choreographer


  • Tanztheater Pina Baush Thusnelda Mercy and Clémentine Deluy, Bonn/ Workshop
  • William Forsythe Company, Spenser Theberge William ,Georg Reischl, Fabrice Mazliah, Antony Rizzi, Ildikó Tóth, Frankfurt am Main/ Workshop
  • Yaniv Cohen, Darmstadt / Experimental  Performance
  • Mirjam Karvat Gaga, Frankfurt am Main/ Workshop
  • Alexandra Deutsch “Second Nature”Wiesbaden/ Dance Performance 


  • Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexicali, Mexico
  • Faculty of Arts, Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Dance
  • Choreographer Assistant Final Project, Mexico/ Dance
  • Management and Artistic Production Festival „Entre Fronteras“ Mexico
  • International school exchange, Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education University of La Coruña, Spain
  • Diplom Massage Therapy , Everest College, Ontario California USA
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